Wisconsin Weekend Highlights

Hello! This past weekend Blake and I made a trip back for Minnesota and Wisconsin for a wedding and to visit his family. It felt so good to be back up North and with family!

I didn’t capture the whole weekend, and to be honest there were some hard parts of the trip (which I won’t go into on the blog), but as I look back at the time many wonderful things stood out. Life lesson here – even in the challenging times, there are things to be grateful for.

Our flight left bright and early on Thursday morning from Trenton, NJ (the tiniest airport), and we made it to Minneapolis by 7:45am. Perfect for making the most of our trip. We spent Thursday through Saturday morning at Blake’s mom’s house, and it was perfect. They have several acres of land, a horse and pony, a garden, and cats and dogs. Saturday through Sunday afternoon we spent with Blake’s Dad before flying out on Sunday evening. Here are some of the trip’s highlights.

Light, Space, and Quiet

Coming from Philadelphia, spending time at Paula’s (Blake’s mom) house was glorious! Thursday and Friday, while Paula and Bill were at work, Blake and I did our own things at the house – me work and Blake LSAT. I would sit by their big kitchen window and get lost in work. Natural light brings me so much life!

Cats and Dogs Blake and I are both cat people (we love our sweet Rosie), and Paula and Bill have lots of cats running around. Two cats are indoors and 4 our outdoor. Blake seriously is a cat whisperer, and somehow got 3 of the 4 to come to him at once! I was smitten with their new puppy Ruby who apparently loved me. She was so full of energy and loved snuggling on my lap. Spending time with these animals was so life-giving and therapeutic!

Dairy Queen When we moved to Philly almost a year ago, a friend gave us a DQ gift card and we haven’t had a chance to use it. So, while we were with Paula and Bill, we took them out for ice-cream. My favorite from DQ is their twist cone, but I decided to go with a Reese’s Blizzard. Hit the spot, and I think I’m set with DQ for a while.

Baseball Game and Auntie Time While with Blake’s dad, we went to a minor league baseball game with Blake’s brother Mark, his girlfriend Kylene, and their son Jasper. Jasper is the sweetest little boy! I got to hold him and chat with Kylene most of the night. I don’t think I watched a second of the game, haha.

Coffee with Friends Before the wedding on Friday night, we met up with my dear friend Sarah for coffee in St. Paul. Spyhouse Coffee was one of our favorites when we lived in MN, so we met up at their newest location in St. Paul. Each location is different, and this one is my favorite. I hadn’t seen Sarah in almost a year and it was so wonderful to see her! She and I go back to freshman year of college, and have stayed close even when she transferred to another school. Side note – We ended up going back to Spyhouse St. Paul right before we left to meet up with my brother and his wife.

Overall, the weekend was wonderful. We arrived home on Sunday night at midnight, with tired eyes and full hearts. How was your weekend?


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