what is balance?

This post is way overdo since the title of my blog is all about balance. So, let me tell you what balance means to me. Balance has been a theme for me this past year. A year ago, I was burnt out from 9-5 jobs which left me little energy, time, or motivation to invest in what I truly cared about. I found myself expending all my energy into work that wasn’t fulfilling and then coming home irritable, tired, and uninspired. I had been struggling with my work/energy balance for several years, but it became especially apparent once I got married. Blake is wonderful at resting and encouraging me to rest. Even to this day I’ll complain about being exhausted, yet I keep doing things, and he reminds me I need to really stop and do nothing.


So, this past fall, I had had enough running around and constantly being busy, and I wanted to slow down and truly take care of myself. That’s when I joined Beautycounter, which for the first time ever I loved what I did and felt purposeful in my work. I also quit my full-time job so I could have more flexibility and balance, and I started making space to listen to my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. All of this was a choice. I wrestled hard to actually come to terms with my needs and desires, even if they weren’t mainstream.

Our culture today is always on the go, keeping packed social schedules, always working or moving to the next thing. Busyness is the norm, stress is normal, and being tapped out is normal. Some people may have the capacity to always be busy, but I can’t. I need space in my life to rest, be creative, engage with those I love, move my body, and learn.

This brings up the question, what does it mean to thrive? For me, it’s rejecting the survival mentality and taking time to care for myself by getting enough sleep, eating at least 3 meals a day, moving my body regularly, giving myself permission to rest, and practicing self-care. I don’t want to look back on my life and remember being tires all the time and just getting by. I want to remember that I embrace life and the beauty around me…and I can’t do that when I am in survival mode.

For me, balance is about giving myself permission to trust myself and take care of my whole self. That means resting when I’m sick, taking a day off from exercise, eating more simply when life is busy, living amongst boxes because there are so many other things to be put energy into right now, and letting my body be the shape it is meant to be.

I struggle to write this now because I feel so out of balance. Our move has shaken up the balance I had in Minnesota. This week I found myself getting frustrated that I hadn’t found a rhythm yet, but then Blake lovingly reminded me that it takes time. It does take time and patience. Now I am excited to discover a new rhythm for my life in Philly.

It’s hard to let go of the things that fill up our lives. It’s hard to be quiet. It’s hard to slow down or say no when everyone else around you is constantly busy.

But what is your body telling you? Are you feeling burnt out, tired, uninspired? Maybe it’s time to check the balance and rhythm in your life.

What is your favorite form of self-care?


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