Weekend Getaway to Princeton, NJ

Happy Monday! This past weekend, we did a little family getaway to Princeton, NJ, complete with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece who Blake and I live with. It was perfect on so many levels and I think we all came back refreshed and more connected! Princeton is a picturesque college town, and I would go back in a heartbeat.

While we all live together, we don’t see each other all that much, so it was special to have uninterrupted time having fun, chatting, and watching my niece play. Being out in a rural setting with lots of trees and green was also a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). Philly in the summer can feel suffocating with the heat and humidity, plus everyone leaves for the shore every weekend. I’m realizing that regular getaways are essential for managing my stress, as I literally felt so much stress melt away.

We left right after work on Friday to make it in time for Ellinor’s (my niece) bedtime. Princeton is only an hour outside of Philly, which is so perfect for a quick trip. We stayed at the Marriott Forrestal Princeton, nestled in a wooded area and incredibly peaceful. After E went down for bed, we had some wine and snacks and chatted for a while. Eventually we ordered Indian food, which I didn’t take a picture of, but it was so good!

I slept so well in our hotel room because it was dark, quiet, and so cool – all things we don’t get in the city. In the morning before everyone else woke up, I went for a swim in the hotel pool. I learned how to properly swim in college, and love it, but sadly it hurts my knee so I rarely do it. The solitude of the pool and the exercise left me feeling amazing!

After we all got ready, we had breakfast at the hotel. I had lots of fruit and made an egg and cheese sandwich with scrambled eggs and the english muffin. Fueled and ready for the day, we drove into downtown Princeton. Such a quaint downtown with some great shopping and food options.

We walked around the Princeton University Campus, taking in all the buildings and letting my niece run free. One of my favorite moments of the trip was watching Blake and E run around together. We grabbed a quick lunch at a pizza/hoagie place before heading back to the hotel. I was craving something fresh, and went with a caesar salad with chicken.

My brother-in-law offered to stay with E while she napped, so Holly, Blake and I went back into Princeton for coffee and shopping. We found a great coffee shop that knows their coffee, Rojo’s Roastery. If you’re ever in Princeton, you have to go there. I was a little hungry (and hot), so I went with an iced latte. I loved that they had paper straws since I forgot my metal ones. Blake hung out at the coffee shop while Holly and I walked around the shops.

Around 3:30pm we headed back to the hotel and took E to the pool. E wasn’t really a fan so that didn’t last long. Instead we hung out in the rooms and started the movie Sing. Around 5:30pm, we drove back downtown for dinner and ice-cream. We were all craving burgers and ended up at 30Burgers. I got a classic cheeseburger and Blake and I shared sweet potato fries. The burger was great, but I wasn’t a fan of the bun, so I left that and filled up on fries (which I did like). After dinner we went to Thomas Sweet for ice-cream and sat outside. I went with a speciality flavor that had chocolate ice-cream, brownies, and sea salt caramel.

We got home early because of E’s bedtime, and Blake and I watched Fixer Upper and Shark Week, while Holly and Jeremy went to the hotel bar. We were so tired that by 9:30pm lights were out.

Sunday morning, I woke up early and went swimming again. Since it didn’t help my knee, I only swam for a bit. It just felt so good to be in the water. Breakfast was similar as the day before, and once we were done we headed downtown. Holly, Jeremy, and E scoped out a playground, while Blake and I went back to Rojo’s for a good cup of morning coffee. We both had pour-over this time, and I love it. We spent most of the morning outside, letting E run around. It was so peaceful to just be outside and not have to go anywhere or do anything. Before lunch, we scoped out Princeton’s chapel. It’s the third largest collegiate chapel in the world, and beautiful!

We had a quick lunch at a noodle restaurant. I wasn’t in the mood for noodles, so I went with a rice bowl with chicken. It was delicious, but kind of sat heavy in my stomach the rest of the day. That afternoon during E’s nap, the boys played basketball, Holly slept, and I painted my nails and finished the book I was reading.

We checked out of the hotel at 4pm and started our drive back to Philly. None of us were ready to leave. You know the post-vacation blues, yeah that’s how we all felt. I had time that I could clean and go grocery shopping, but decided to keep up vacation mode and after I unpacked, I called my family to catch up. Later that evening I made a smoothie for dinner (full of lots of fruit, veggie, fats, and protein powder) and we all finished Sing. The perfect end to a wonderful weekend.

I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to get away, relax, and reconnect. Coming into this week, I feel lighter emotionally and mentally and ready to take on the week. Although, I am already thinking about our next getaway!

Where is your favorite weekend getaway?