we are moving!

I have never been the most adventurous person. I love exploring and trying new things, but I also love coming back to the comfort of the familiar. So it may surprise you to hear that Blake and I are moving to Philadelphia in a couple weeks!

After much prayer and discussion, we feel that God is calling us away from the Twin Cities for a year. We love the Twin Cities, our friends, and our church, but we want an adventure. See, Blake is currently studying for the LSAT, which he takes on Saturday! We have a year until law school and want to do something different for a year.

I am so excited for a change of scenery and the opportunity to explore a new city and the East Coast. ALSO, we will be living with my sister, brother-in-law and niece, and I am beyond excited to be close to my darling little Ellinor!


There are still so many unknowns (which is challenging for me), but I know that God will provide – He always does. I cannot wait to share our new adventures with you all!

With all the moving, saying goodbye to friends and family, I am feeling overwhelmed. So, I am taking a step away from the blog until after the move. It’s hard to give up, because I find so much joy and purpose in sharing with you all, but I will be back with a fresh mind and ideas!

In the meantime, stay connected with me on Instagram. You can also shop Beautycounter through my website and stay connected with safer beauty by signing up for my newsletter. See you in a couple weeks!


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