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Today I embark on a year-long integrative nutrition course, to become a certified holistic health coach! This is an exciting step for me, and while a perfect fit, it’s something I never saw myself doing. It’s incredible, how when we keep moving forward, following what God is leading us to, He brings the right opportunities into our path.

When I left my 9-5 job over a year ago to start my business with Beautycounter, I was looking for a job that made an impact, brought me life, and ultimately empowered women. At that time, I was simply looking for a way out and a way work with women, I had no clue how that would look. Deciding to build a business with Beautycounter has opened more doors than I could have imagined. Not only that, but it has built in me the skills and character needed to expand my business to health coaching.

I look back at my experiences and how they have led me to being able to help and impact others. My own story of recovering from an eating disorder and finding intuitive eating fuels my desire to help women heal their relationship with food and embrace who they are inside and out. As I’ve shared openly on the blog and instagram, people have reached out to me about their own struggles, and have asked about intuitive eating. When I encourage and share with these people, my heart fills up, and I know it’s meant to be. And through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I will be trained in how to effectively help more people.

Without Beautycounter, I most likely would not be at this point. Besides showing me that I can have my own business and teaching me confidence and grit, Beautycounter has opened my eyes to health. I will be honest, when I started intuitive eating, I was strongly opposed to health claims and any semblance of diets. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still am wary of restrictive diets, however I do see the benefits of simple actions impacting our health.

Beautycounter opened my eyes to the beauty industry and how our environment negatively impacts our health. Through that, Blake and I have slowly made small changes in our life like switching out our personal care products, using glass instead of plastic, making our own cleaning products, shopping organic when we can, etc. Not out of obsession, but because as a Christian, I do believe that I am called to be a steward of my body and the earth.

As I’ve learned already in my introductory courses, many factors impact our digestion and health. From relationships and personal care products, to what we put in our mouths. I get it, health seems complicated when you consider everything and you take into account all the trends out there. But let me reassure you, everyone’s health is individual. As I share what I am learning and the changes I make (if any) for myself, know that it might not be for you.

I have an idea of where I want to go with my health coaching certification, but I am open to what happens. I will continue sharing about Beautycounter and safer beauty (because that is part of health), but how that part of my business will evolve, I am not sure. So here I am, excited to learn and unsure of how all the pieces will fit together. Through prayer, reflection, and learning more about myself, I am excited to grow and make an impact in the lives of others. Thank you for following along in my journey!

*If you are interested in health coaching, either as a client or as a potential career for yourself, you can learn more here, or send me a message!


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