Making a Positive Impact: My Favorite B Corps

I would say in general, I easily get overwhelmed by big issues. Packing (or unpacking) our apartment can paralyze me (I’m sure I’m not alone here), so when bigger issues like poverty and widespread hunger come up, I have felt incapable of doing anything about it. How could I even make a tiny impact in the larger scheme of the problem.

When I started working with Beautycounter, my mindset started to change. Making more conscious decisions for our personal care products has overflowed into making conscious decision in the rest of our life. These decisions will directly impact our future family, but also the community around us. My optimism for change has grown as I’ve seen thousands of women doing the same thing. Similar to how using a safer product one time won’t make a big difference, but using it daily over a long period of time will benefit your health in the long run. The small actions of many leads to big impact.

If you feel like you can’t make a difference, I want to empower you to see how your actions make a difference to your health and the lives of many. Because the decisions we make and where we put our money does impact others. For some great inspiration, listen to Episode 32 of this podcast interviewing Megan Felatra.

So how do you make a positive impact? I truly believe that we vote with our dollars, so start with putting your dollars towards companies and people you want to support. In the above podcast, Megan poses a couple questions to ask when you’re making a purchase (food or other). First, ask yourself who made or grew this. Second, ask where this product came from. Third, as yourself who you are supporting.

One of my favorite discoveries in this process, has been B Corporations (B Corps). B Corps are companies that use the power of business for good. They focus not only on profit, but also their impact on people and the planet. I love shopping B Corps because I know that these companies are making a difference. Here are some of my favorite B Corps, that you may enjoy shopping too!

One Village Coffee Not only only one of our favorite coffees, but they are local and the coffee bags are compostable! We especially like the Legend and Nomad roasts. If you’re not local, you can sign up for their coffee subscription!

Athleta I’ve been a Lululemon fan for years, however when Athleta became B Corp certified this year, I switched over. I love their programs to empower and uplift women and girls, and their effort to use sustainable fabrics.

Ben & Jerry’s As if I needed another reason to like this ice cream brand! They source their cream and milk from family farms who don’t treat cows with synthetic hormones. My favorite flavor is Cookie Dough by far!

Beautycounter I couldn’t forget the company that introduced me to B Corps! Beautycounter’s mission to spread safer beauty and change the beauty industry is inseparable to their business. From the famers who grow the ingredients, to the women like myself who sell the products, they ensure ethical and beneficial practices are used. I love the products, but also what the company is doing on a large scale.

A couple more favorites: Yogi Tea Jenni’s Splendid Ice Cream Seventh Generation King Arthur Flour Cabot Cheese

Have you heard of B Corps before? What are your favorites?


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