Let Go & Let God: How God Led Me to My Life Calling {Guest Post}

Hello friends! Today blogger friend Malena from The Nourishing Soul Co. is sharing her story of finding rest and peace in her body and with food through faith.

Have you ever looked back on your life, slightly puzzled by how you ended up in your current job, relationship, or home?

If you’re planning type of gal (like me), you’ve probably once thought “My life? Pshh plan A is in full motion.” So confident because you knew exactly what you wanted, or at least you thought you did.

But, as you grow older and encounter life, you gain wisdom that helps you accept that what you wished or expected to happen, is not always what’s best.

If you find yourself struggling with accepting what is, take comfort in knowing that although things may not be going “according to plan,” we have a father in heaven who is working in your favor as we speak!

When you let go and let God, you’ll be incredibly satisfied. Because His plans will always better than you could ever imagine.

My Health Journey

If I had the chance to take a sneak peak into my current life, back in 2013, my jaw would’ve dropped in sheer disbelief.

You’re telling me the party girl who graduated with a degree in Sociology, ended up working in the nutrition field? And she’s running a blog that helps women learn how to live holistically with Jesus at the center? Yeah right!

It’s funny how life can take us in a completely different direction. I still find myself trying to wrap my mind around how I ended up where I stand today.

But, the one thing I’m continually reminded is that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

For most of my 20s I partied till the sun came up, literally. I also indulged in fast food and alcohol, on a minimum tri-weekly basis. When balance isn’t in the equation, it’s only a matter of time until your body is dealt the consequences (i.e. weight gain).

When I look back at old pictures, I realize now I was by no means over weight. However, I no longer felt comfortable or confident in my own skin and was constantly running low on energy, which is far from optimal health.

I hit my breaking point and knew something needed to change. But, I had one minor dilemma on my hands. I had no clue how I could actually lose the weight. Oh and healthy eating? Umm, does o.j. count?

Because I was a college student on a budget, I couldn’t afford expensive personal trainers or programs. Luckily, I was able to find an online health program that I joined for 3 months. That program kick-started my health journey, which fueled my passion for healthy eating and nutrition.

Two years into my health journey I was maintaining my weight. But, I used different dieting techniques like fat burners, cutting out carbs, and exercising to burn off my “cheat meal.” Because I embraced dieting, I had a bad relationship with food and poor self-image.

During that time, I was a student in the USC Master of Social Work program. I thought I was on the path to my dream career, but you’ll see where the story goes.

While I was working in the social work field a negative event happened that made me reevaluate everything.

Have you ever had a situation on your hands, where in the moment it makes absolutely no sense? You ask yourself, “Is this seriously happening right now?!”

If you can relate, you’ll understand when I say it was “one of those” events. But, little did I know, God was at work. He used that negative circumstance to change the direction of my life.

Because of that event, I realized wasn’t pursuing my passion. It was a scary thing to start all over, but within a few months I was working in a hospital as a Nutrition Assistant and accepted into the University of New England’s M.S. in Nutrition program, which was all because of God.

Even though I finally felt like I was in the right place, I was missing a huge component. I never took the time to nourish my soul with God.

As the year went on, I became acquainted with holistic health, which incorporates the mind and soul to achieve your best health. By using a holistic health approach, I began to love and accept myself. And most importantly, I centered my life around God.

Because of the positive impact I experienced in my life, I decided to create my blog, The Nourishing Soul Company, to inspire and encourage Christian women.

I’m now a girl on a mission to spread the love of Christ and show women that nourishing their bodies with balanced & intuitive eating, nourishing their mind with God’s word, and nourishing their soul in relationship with Jesus, will help them reach their fullest potential and truly live a holistic lifestyle.

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