L.E.A.D Recap and Things I’m Loving

Hello and happy April! I’ve gotten a little off schedule with blog posts as the last week was busy. I just got back from a long weekend in Phoenix and am trying to get my bearings and get over the time change, so I’m not really sure what day of the week it is, haha.=

I’m still riding a high from Beautycounter’s L.E.A.D conference that was in Phoenix. This was my second leadership conference with Beautycounter, and it was incredible! Beautycounter knows how to put on a very chic event, but more than that I left feeling empowered and grounded both in my Beautycounter business and life in general. The conference was personal, professional, and classy all at the same time. I wish I could sum up everything in words, but I couldn’t do it justice. I’ll do my best to share some takeaways.

I arrived in Phoenix on Thursday, and after settling in and spending too much time at the pool, I got cleaned up and had a wonderful welcome dinner with my team!

The next day was full of larger sessions and smaller trainings. The theme of the conference was fearless leadership, and there was a lot of talk about how being a leader means vulnerability. It was incredible to hear both our CEO, Gregg Renfrew, and the CFO, Ginna Murphy, share vulnerably about their experience as leaders. I left feeling inspired to lead my team of women fearlessly and vulnerably. One of my favorite sessions was by Khalid Halim, Gregg’s executive coach. He asked the question, “Are you comparing your insides to someone else’s outside?”. This really struck me, because even at this conference I caught myself comparing to the other women there, their businesses, success, and appearance. But even during his talk and various conversations, I saw how so many women there felt the same way I did. It’s easy to look at others and think they have it all together, and maybe I look like I do (believe me, I don’t), but we all have our struggles and insecurities. I’m taking away from this weekend a resolve to never assume, to get to know people, and when struck with comparison root deep down and remember my goals, gifts, and passions instead of feeling defeated by someone else’s accomplishments. As Gregg said so many times – “YOU ARE ENOUGH!”

The other highlight of the trip was hearing about Beautycounter’s advocacy and environmental efforts from Lindsay Dahl. I’m a HUGE fan of Lindsay and all the information she shares about non-toxic living and sustainability. In her talk, I was reminded how Beautycounter really is leading the way in clean beauty. In fact, 6 years ago when Beautycounter started, clean beauty wasn’t really a thing, and now it’s everywhere! Beautycounter has set the standards and expectations and is helping change legislation. If you’re new to the concept of clean beauty here’s a recent here are some articles about what clean beauty is and the state of the beauty industry. Two years ago, I had no clue what clean beauty was, and honestly batted an eye at sustainability, but then I learned that what we put on our body greatly impacts our health, especially as women, and I’ve been passionate about helping bring about change.

The conference ended on Saturday, but my friend and I didn’t fly out till Sunday, so we spent Sunday exploring Phoenix. The day started off with brunch and cold brew, then walking around Scottsdale. I just loved being outside in the sun and dry heat. All I could think about while we were walking was ice cream and margaritas, haha. Then I spotted a gelato spot and could not resist! I chose the pistachio and a chocolate hazelnut one. This is when I am so thankful for intuitive eating and food freedom! I was craving ice cream and instead of saying no when a delicious option was right there, I allowed myself to have some and thoroughly enjoyed it. A little while later we wanted to sit down, so we got margaritas and chips and salsa. Again, my old self would have been freaking out, but this was part of our day and I know this isn’t how I live all the time. After this trip, one of my new favorite things is margaritas with chips and salsa. We ended the day with some work on the hotel patio, and then headed to the airport for our late flights. I didn’t leave till 10:30pm, but thankfully slept on the plane!

I’m back home and still very much recovering from the red-eye and the time change, but my heart is so very full. I’m excited to implement what I learned this past weekend, and continue to encourage and mentor women in their own Beautycounter businesses.

Alright, time for a few things I’m loving lately.


Margs, Chips, and Salsa

I mentioned it already, but this combo speaks summer and fun to me! I’m excited for warm weather to come so we can make this a weekly tradition!

Hot Yoga

Up until a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t really into yoga. I did it for stretching, but my preferred movement was barre and strength. One of my good friends instructs at Core Power and invited me to a class, and guys I am hooked! The heat feels great on my tight muscles and joints (which helps with my knee pain), and the deep breathing grounds me. I leave feeling grounded and refreshed. At this point in my life, this is the kind of movement I need.

Lavender Epsom Salt Baths

Okay, the last thing that has been bringing me joy, and reducing stress, is baths with lavender epsom salts. They are the perfect way to end the day, especially with a candle! I found some epsom salts scented with essential oils (make sure they don’t have synthetic fragrance in them), but will probably buy plain salts in bulk and add my own oils.

Lotta Clogs

I bought these clogs last summer, and am so excited to start wearing them again with the warmer weather! I wore these clogs all this weekend and my feet were comfy.

What have you been loving lately?

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