January Favorites (Self-Care, Activewear, Movement + More)

A little late to share favorites from January, but as I took a break from Instagram for the month I feel like I have a few things I discovered that I want to share with you all!

Taking a break from Instagram for a month was so good, and just what I needed. I spent a lot more time in quiet as well as reading. In all, it was a good month! I celebrated my 30th birthday, we got away for a long weekend, and I had a lot of time to reflect on where I'm at in life right now.

So, with all that here are a few things I've been using and loving lately and think you may too.

Gua Sha Stone - I am all about self-care recently - Clean skincare products, dry brushing, essential oils, to name a few. I received a gua sha stone for Christmas and absolutely love it! Using it feels like an at-home facial massage. This technique promotes lymphatic drainage, which can reduce facial puffiness and help remove fluid and toxins from your system. It also helps relieve muscle tension.

Athleta Elation Tights - I wear leggings pretty much every day because they are so comfy and why not?! Normally I'm a diehard Lululemon Align or Wunder Under fan, but I had an Athleta gift card and bought the Elation tight (not ultra high rise), and I'm loving them! They are so comfortable and hold their shape well.

VIM Movement Pilates - I discovered Ann of VIM in December and have been taking her live and recorded pilates classes since then. These are the BEST pilates classes I have ever done. Ann does an incredible job ensuring you get a great workout while also maintaining proper form. If you want a low-impact workout that actually works, give her classes a try!

Monk Manual - Okay, I literally started this right at the end of January, but I had to include it. According to the website, "The Monk Manual is a daily system designed for peaceful being and purposeful doing." I use it as my monthly, weekly, and daily planner as well as a place to set goals and habits and reflect. I've tried a lot of different planners, and I'm loving this one and can see myself actually sticking with it.

Cherrydew Pajama Set - I'm loving this pajama set! It's so cute and comfy and keeps me cool at night (I'm normally a warm sleeper so this is a big deal!).

Tapped Maple Syrup - I love trying out local brands, and Tapped did not disappoint. I tried the Pure Maple Syrup, which is great, but my favorite is the Black Umami Garlic Infused maple syrup. The garlic is subtle but perfect for savory dishes. I love adding it to my maple dijon dressing, tahini sauce, and baked tofu. They have a bunch of other infused flavors I want to try.

What's something you've been loving lately?


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