Intuitive Meal Guide 2.24-3.2

Hello! We had a busy weekend, but I did have a chance to think through what we’re having for dinner this week. Every week, I always want to try new recipes, however that’s not practical for me right now with a busy schedule and sticking to our budget. So, I usually pick about two new recipes to try and then stick to my go-to’s for the rest of the meals. This week, I’m also including some ideas for lunches as well.

Before we dive in, I want to say that this meal guide is not for comparison, but instead to give you the freedom to listen to your body and ideas for simple, nutritious meals. Everybody has their own unique nutritional needs, and I encourage you to explore what your body needs!


This meal I’ll throw together on my own. I saw someone on YouTube share this meal and it looked 1) easy, and 2) delicious. My plan is to cook up rice (white or brown), cook a pound of ground chicken with taco seasoning, sautée sliced peppers and onions, and then mix them all together with some salsa and top with cheddar cheese and sliced avocado. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


In our last Misfits Markets box, we received a lot of yellow summer squash which I thought would work perfectly with this baked pasta dish. I love cheesy baked pasta and have been eying this recipe for a while. In addition to the squash, I’ll probably throw some onion and either mushrooms or peppers in the mix.

A little side note – I try to incorporate a couple vegetarian recipes a week not because it’s “healthier” but because it saves money. We are on a tighter budget, so keeping some meals on the cheaper side is helpful.


On that note about meatless meatless meals, I made Oh She Glows Lentil Shepherds Pie last week and it was incredible! This is probably my favorite meatless meal ever. I didn’t have all the ingredients, but I used what we had and it turned out great. I still have many of the ingredients on hand, so I thought I’d make it again this week.


Again, we still have some veggies left over from our Misfits Market, namely broccoli and sugar snap peas, so I plan to make a stir-fry. I’ll also add some onions and carrots and the stir-fry sauce from this recipe. I’ll serve it with either white jasmine rice or short-grain brown rice.

Side note – We eat both white and brown rice depending on the dish and what I’m craving. There are some wonderful health benefits to eating whole grains, however it’s not an all-or-nothing thing. When you eat a variety of foods (sometimes whole grains, sometimes refined grains), your body gets what it needs over time. Also, honoring your taste buds is a very important part of mindful eating.


Date night recently has involved grabbing a slice of pizza and a kombucha at Whole Foods. It’s simple, but just what we need. A way to get out of the house and just be together.


Usually by Friday I don’t feel like cooking, so I tried to think of something simple. We have some sweet potatoes from our Misfits Markets box, so that will make an easy carb, and I’ve been craving burgers for a while. For the salad, I’ll either throw together veggies that we have or get a salad kit (our favorite is Trader Joe’s Broccoli + Kale Slaw).


Our Misfits Market box is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, so maybe we’ll make something from that or we’ll get takeout or have leftovers. I like to leave at least one day open to leave room for using up food we have in the fridge or get food out.


Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day, to be honest, so I don’t plan well for it. I’m trying to be a bit more prepared, so I hope to make this kale and quinoa salad to have in the fridge. I’ll pair it with some chickpeas for protein and maybe some fruit.

This week includes lots of one dish meals, which in my opinion are the best, as well as “no-recipe meals.” I’m actually not a big recipe person when it comes to dinners. I like to see what we have and throw a dish together based on a recipe. That works for me and is a way to express creativity, however I know not everyone works this way, which is totally fine! If you see something here you want to make, but I don’t have a recipe, pull out one of your cookbooks or go to Pinterest to find a recipe that matches.

What do you plan to cook this week?


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