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So, I title this Eating on Rest Days, but the reality is that I don’t really eat much different on days I exercise versus days I don’t. Really, every day looks looks different in terms of food and I go off what my body is telling me. In this post, I’m sharing my eats from Sunday, a day that included very minimal activity besides some PT stretching and dancing around the kitchen. Trusting that my body needs food even when I don’t “exercise” was one of the most significant steps in my eating disorder recovery. Our body needs so much fuel just to function, and you do not need to earn or make up for certain foods.

Sundays are my day off of work, and I try to make them as restful as possible. Being my own boss, I could work all the time, but I realized that setting aside a day to rest is so important in my mental and emotional health. So here’s a little peek into a Sunday for me and my eats!


We had heard of a great bagel place on the other side of town and decided to try it out before church last week. On our way I snacked on a couple clementines because I was craving something juicy and sweet. I loved the vibe of Philly Style Bagels! It’s a no-nonsense bagel place that has basic flavors done well. I was craving savory and Blake wanted sweet, so I went with an everything and he a cinnamon raisin, and then we bought a tub of cream cheese to share and to have at home. There was no seating at the shop, so we grabbed some coffee at a local coffee shop and ate our breakfast in the car. We ended up splitting the bagels so we each got some savory and sweet.


After church, we made a quick stop at the store for a couple basics since I will be gone most of the week. I was craving a simple protein and big salad, and wanted some chicken for dinner, so we grabbed a rotisserie chicken. When we got home, I made a salad using leftover quinoa, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, pear, arugula, pecan, dried cranberries, and olive oil and red wine vinegar. I’ve decided my favorite salad green is either arugula or massaged kale, hands down. I was craving a little something more after this, so I finished off the pear.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the couch reading Prairie Fires, which I’m finally getting into. If you’re a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan and love history, this is a great read. It’s pretty history-heavy, but I’m learning so much. On the weekends, Blake and I will either go out for coffee or he’ll make some afternoon coffee, I absolutely love this little tradition. This Sunday, Blake made me a little cup (I can’t do much more than that in the afternoon) and I paired it with some sea salt dark chocolate — coffee and chocolate are made to go together!


After a couple hours of reading, I was getting a bit hungry and a yogurt bowl sounded delicious. I prefer it with granola, but didn’t have any, so I made a bowl with some Trader Joe’s European Style plain yogurt, 1/2 a banana, and some peanut butter. I missed the crunch, but liked the sour, sweet, and creamy combo. I ate this while catching up on The Bachelor.

Before we talk about dinner, I have to share something I’m learning…how to cut Blake’s hair! In an effort to save some cash (he needs his hair cut once a month), I offered to learn how to cut his hair. Well, let’s just say I’m learning. Before dinner on Sunday, I poured myself some white wine, and did my first solo cut (without the help of my sister). My sister did eventually have to fix a couple things, but I didn’t do too bad by myself.


Hair-cutting took a bit longer than anticipated, so dinner was on the later side, but thankfully it came together quick. Before the haircut, I started cooking a mix of brown and wild rice (great combo), and we paired it with some rotisserie chicken; cranberry sauce; a simple salad of greens, apple, celery, parmesan, and a red wine vinaigrette (olive oil, dijon, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, honey); and some more wine. Eaten while watching Grey’s Anatomy.

I almost always end the night with something sweet, whether it’s chocolate, a baked good, or ice cream. This night we shared some Talenti Sea Salt Caramel right out of the pint. This flavor is so good!!!

That’s a wrap of my eats!

What’s your favorite Talenti flavor?

How do you like to spend Sundays?

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