I am passionate about people, and one of my favorite things to do is hear peoples’ stories. I joke that if I could make a living meeting people for coffee, I would totally do that! I believe building a true relationship with someone requires getting to know them on the inside – their upbringing, their passions and dreams, and what brought them to where they are now. So, before I go into the depths of my thoughts and experiences, I feel it is only fitting to introduce myself to you!

I had quite an exciting upbringing! Both my parents are Americans, but worked oversees when I was growing up. I was born in Germany, and when I was 1 1/2, we moved to Moscow, Russia, where I lived for 17 years. Many people ask me what it was like to live in Moscow, and honestly that’s hard to answer because it was all I knew. Looking back on it now, I loved living in a big, bustling city! I love history and culture, and there was never a lack of either. I remember going to ballets and museums regularly, listening to classical music, and being surrounded by so many cultures. I loved the food (especially the bread), taking the Metro, and being able to travel to other countries easily.

After graduating from high school in Moscow, I moved to the US with my parents (my 3 older siblings were already there for college). While adjusting to living in the US was a challenge, there was a bigger beast I was dealing with at this time. I will go into much more detail in a later post, however after 5th grade I developed an eating disordered which largely went unaddressed until my senior year of high school. I finally agreed to get help after graduation, so moving back to the U.S. was also combined with finding a treatment program. At this time, I also deferred my acceptance to college so I could focus on treatment.

Fast forward a year, and I started at St. Olaf College. I had no idea what I was going to major in, and was still incredibly shy. I can’t say those 4 years of college were the best years of my life, but I can say I grew immensely and am so thankful for the experiences I had and people I met. I graduated in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Social Work, with no intention of practicing social work or going back to school. After a summer of working at a coffee shop and searching for my first “real job,” I moved to the Twin Cities for a job as an admission counselor at private university. I loved my team, but was completely burnt out with the job. After 1 1/2 years in admissions, I had a short stint at corporate job, but hated the corporate environment, and I found myself back at the university, but this time I was a data manager. After a year as a data manager, I was ready for a change of pace. I was not happy with my job and felt burnt out. I had little time or energy to do what I was really passionate about, which is to invest in people, my home and family, and beautiful things. All this led to me joining Beautycounter, and I can honestly say I could not be happier with my decision. Much more on that later 🙂

During all of this, I met my now husband, Blake. We were set up by a mutual friend during my first year after college. He was studying abroad, so our first interactions were on Facebook and Skype! We met for the first time in December of 2014 and started dating a couple weeks later. A year and a half after that, we got married! Blake was my first real boyfriend, and the first man I ever loved. We have learned so much together and grown a lot in the 2 1/2 years we have known each other. He has brought the little girl out in me, and has been my biggest support through these years.

Currently, we live in St. Paul with our little kitty, Rosie. Blake and I are both cat-lovers to the core! Blake is an aspiring lawyer and plans to take the LSAT in September! We both LOVE exploring coffee shops – thank goodness the Twin Cities has a lot to choose from – watching documentaries and Grey’s Anatomy, going for walks, hosting people in our home, and spending time with family.

If you ever want to grab coffee sometime, I’d love to hear your story!


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