How to Switch to Beautycounter on a Budget

Since joining Beautycounter over a year ago, a lot of people I’ve talked to know that their products are potentially harmful and want to make a switch, but also want the most bang for their buck. I totally get it! Beautycounter products are comparable to department store prices, not Target. But you don’t need to overhaul all your products at once! It’s a process, and I want to share some ways you can make the switch without breaking the budget.

When I first tried Beautycounter, I was not a product person. I used the basics, but needed a good moisturizer for my dry, sensitive skin. I’d used a couple higher moisturizers (that didn’t work), so I was used to spending more money on a good quality one. But with the rest of my products, the cheaper the better. I would only spend $7 on mascara.

When I tried Beautycounter’s Nourishing Day Cream (which I still use now), I was blown away by how amazing my skin felt. Finally a moisturizer that was hydrating enough, but not heavy. Because the product worked, I was okay spending money on it. So I started with two products – the Charcoal Cleansing Bar and the Nourishing Day Cream – and built up from there. Well, I actually became a consultant next and saved 40% on a bunch of products, but since becoming a consultant we’ve slowly switched over to safer, one or two products at a time. For anyone starting out with Beautycounter, this is my biggest piece of advice.

Switch Out One Product at a Time

If you research the ingredients on your products (the Never List is a great resource for this) and realize a lot need to go, don’t panic. Start by switching out one or two products for safer alternatives. If you need help with this, let me know. A good rule of thumb is to either start with the product you can’t live without or the product you’re running out of. If you buy one or two products each month, you’ll build a safer collection without spending a ton of money.

Buy Collections or Regimens

Beautycounter has collections for all categories, and they can be a great way to save money. When buying the collection over individual products, you’ll save anywhere from 10-20%. Beautycounter just launched a skincare quiz that will recommend 4 skincare products plus 2 additional products that meet your specific needs. When you buy the 4 skincare products through the quiz, you save 10%!

Some other sets worth noting:

  1. Flawless in Five – Complete everyday makeup set that only takes 5 minutes to do

  2. Get the Look – Four safer, high-performing products that take your every day look to the next level

  3. The Body Collection – 4 daily essentials for every skin type

Become a Member

To get the best bang for your buck, sign up for a Band of Beauty Membership. It’s $29 for the year, and you get free shipping on orders $100+, 15% product credit for every dollar you spend, and a free gift when you sign up and spend $50 (which right now is the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, $49 value). There’s no autoship, just the benefits! You can learn more about the membership and add it to your order here.

Become an Advocate

The best saving in my mind is to join the mission of Beautycounter and become an advocate (that’s really what consultants are). As a consultant, you save 25% on products and earn 25-35% of what you sell. Plus, you’re helping bring about change in the beauty industry! You can learn more about my honest thoughts on being a consultant here. I love helping women start their businesses and achieve their goals! If you're curious about the consultant opportunity, fill out this quick form and we can chat.

As always, if you have any questions about Beautycounter products/ingredients, how to find safer products, or anything else, leave a comment or email me!


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