How’s Your Relationship with Food?

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I talk a lot about finding freedom with food and intuitive eating and how someone can find those in their own life, but the big question is, how do you know you need food freedom?

First of all, I’ll explain food freedom. Food freedom is the freedom to choose what to eat, without rules, rituals, or guilt. You can say yes to that donut or you can say no, you can have that salad or not, but there is no moral obligation with either choice. It’s letting go of what you think you should eat and letting your body lead. Think of little kids. They eat what they want without guilt or judgement about making a “bad” choice.

In a society that is hyper-focused with eating a certain way in order to control our bodies (i.e. diet culture), diets and food lifestyles feel like the norm. Take a moment and think about the messages you hear about food and nutrition. What did you come up with? Perhaps not eating after a certain time, that gluten is bad, or you need to have x,y,z shake to be healthy. I could write pages and pages of the messages I hear and see on a daily basis, but that’s not the point. The point is that food freedom gets easily lost in the popularity of diet messages. I will be honest, food freedom is not a popular opinion because diet culture is so strong (and a money maker). I can be hard to identify what messages to listen to and if you can trust yourself. But I hope that I can offer some comfort that you can experience freedom from guilt, shame, and fear around food, and it’s worth it! More on that later.

So, where are you at with your relationship with food? Take a peek at the following, and see if they resonate with you (these are some of the feelings I had)…

Dessert is only for special occasions 

If I eat ________ I have eat a salad for dinner (or certain “healthy” food)

I have to exercise so I can eat what I want

If I eat what I want, I will only eat “unhealthy” food and won’t be able to stop eating

XYZ food is bad. XYZ food is good

Eating less makes me a better person

Only allowing yourself to eat certain foods at certain times regardless of how you feel

Saying “no” to a food out of self-discipline even if you really want it

How did you feel reading that list? Did anything resonate with you? I don’t write this to blame anyone for having these thoughts. Set aside judgement and take an outside perspective. How do these beliefs make you feel?

I felt all of these and more, and got to a point where I couldn’t take them anymore. The weight of rules, fear, and guilt kept me from experiencing life fully. There is so much more to life than thinking about food.

Maybe you resonated with some of these thoughts, yet are afraid to work on healing your relationship with food. That’s okay! It takes time and work to change behaviors and beliefs. If your gut is telling you it’s time to get one-on-one support – that you need a guide and loving/gentle accountability (a hand to hold yours) – my six-month program may be for you. Take a look at it HERE, and if it feels right book a free consultation by filling in your info on that page.

If this is you, I believe in you because once I was you. And today, I am a living, breathing, walking example of the FREE, future you. Trust me (even if you can’t trust yourself), it is possible!


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