Friday Five

What do you think of the new name? I like the ring of it! So here you go with what I’ve been thinking about this week!

We tried HelloFresh for the first time and I was actually pleasantly surprised! Meal kits like this aren’t realistic for us because of the cost and I feel like we can make our money go a lot further than the boxes, but we got a great discount code, so I was game! Our first meal was pork carnita tacos with quick pickled onions and a lime crema – so good! Are you a meal kit fan?

Really enjoyed watching Coming to My Senses on Netflix. I’m a huge documentary fan and this one was heartwarming. It’s about Aaron Baker, who broke his neck in a motocross accident, leaving him completely paralyzed from the neck down. Despite being told he would never even feed himself again, he works hard to regain as much mobility as possible. Talk about inspiration and the power of our minds and will to heal!

I was inspired by Paige Schmidt’s Routine Challenge to create a more structured routine and while I haven’t been super consistent with it (ahem, not snoozing…), I have been applying it to work and it’s been amazing. I find that I am much more productive during work time, and I actually have time for hobbies and down time. After years of living according to rules in my eating disorder, I have been wary of any strict routine, but as with anything it’s how we approach it. Instead of getting down on myself if I don’t stick to the routine, I give myself grace. There can be routine and flexibility. It’s all about living in the grey.

Evelyn Tribole’s explanation of what Intuitive Eating is and is not. It’s exciting to see Intuitive Eating gain popularity, it’s also important to recognize that misrepresentations, misapplications, and misappropriations abound. Diet culture is really sneaky and is co-opting Intuitive Eating big time. This makes learning how to spot fake Intuitive Eating an incredibly valuable skill!

This post about coffee and hormones. I greatly admire all of Robyn’s content since I know she’s done the research. I often find people carry guilt about drinking coffee, and there’s been recent hype that coffee and caffeine raises cortisol to an unhealthy level creating a lot of fear around coffee. Robyn breaks it down – what does coffee really do – and takes a more holistic perspective on it. “Even though it does elicit an acute stress response that not necessarily a bad thing. Health is not about living a stress free, toxin free, go-live-in-a-glass-box-and-never-expose-yourself-to-the-world life.” This statement is so powerful in not just talking about coffee, but health trends in general. It’s easy to get caught up in health trends (which can add more stress), but what’s important is to look at the big picture.

What have you been thinking about this week?

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