Friday Five #3

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Friday Five post and regularly posted on the blog at all, but I have been missing it. I have the time, I just need to be intentional about posting!

Ready for another round of favorites and random thoughts?

Embracing Balance Podcast

If you missed it, my good friend Victoria and I launched a podcast! This has been a dream come true and I’m absolutely LOVING all the conversations we’ve been having on the podcast! Our mission is to empower you with information to let go of perfection, trust your body, and discover what balanced wellness means to you. Follow along on Instagram, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, and leave a review if you like it!


Lately, I’ve been loving tofu! When you prepare it the right way, it’s really delicious and simple and it’s cheap. Usually once a week I’ll make a tofu meal, and more often than not it’s usually a soy sauce marinated tofu/stir-fry dish. Here are some of my favorite recipes HERE and HERE.


Favorite Products

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m in love with my new skincare products! I started using Beautycounter’s newest skincare collection, Countertime, because I have really dry skin. It has been the best skincare routine I’ve ever used! I’m sure you’ve heard of retinol before – the claimed star ingredient for anti-aging. Well, what I found out is that retinol is actually not that safe. First, let me say that it’s NOT recommended for pregnant women which gets me thinking…if it’s not good for pregnant women, it’s probably not good for me. Since Beautycounter is all about shaking up beauty standards and providing safer, high-performing products they took on the challenge of finding a safer alternative to retinol and created Retinatural Complex, a combination of swiss alpine rose and bakuchiol. Then, they put it into Countertime and the results are amazing! My skin feels hydrated, bright, and smooth. If you ever want to try it or have questions about cleaning up your skincare, shoot me a message!

Watching + Reading

As for what I’m reading and watching…currently reading Playing Big by Tara Mohr and it’s so good! If you are a woman who gets stuck in her head and doubts her potential, this book is for you! As for watching, since Blake and I are all caught up with our beloved show, Grey’s Anatomy, we started watching Outlander and oh my! This show so captivating. First season wasn’t my fave, but the storyline keeps you guessing, the acting is really good, and how can you not like listening to a scottish accent and seeing the scottish countryside?! I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack non-stop and loving it.

Quick Links:

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  3. This post about sharing food on social media. I always love Robyn’s content.

What have you been loving recently?

What are you reading? Watching?

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