Sitting here friday morning, sipping my favorite frothy coffee (hot coffee, coconut oil, 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen, dash of nut milk, all blended up) taking it slow. We are currently in the midst of a huge transition, moving to Madison, WI, and Blake starting law school in a little over a month. While it's exciting, it's also a transition which is hard. I'm practicing lots and lots of grace during this season and really trying to listen to my body as best as possible.

Recently I've been digging more into my SIBO diagnosis, looking for resources and answers and I wanted to share those with you all. If you're struggling with SIBO, you know how discouraging it can be and how alone you can feel. You're not alone, and there are some great resources out there. So here are some recent SIBO favorites you all have to check out!


Don't walk, RUN to subscribe to the SIBO Made Simple podcast with Phoebe Lapine! When I was first diagnosed with SIBO, I actually didn't do much research or listen to many podcasts because I was already overwhelmed and I didn't want to get stuck down the rabbit hole of too much information. Now, several months into my diagnosis and trying some treatments, I am at a better place mentally and emotionally to do some more digging. I started listening to Phoebe's podcast this week and I have been binging it all week! So much helpful and encouraging information. Aslo make sure to check out Phoebe's website and blog for more SIBO and gut health info and delicious recipes!


My friend and fellow SIBO-sufferer shared these shorts from Target on her IG stories and I immediately went out to buy a pair! I got them in pink and am LOVING them so far! They have a stretchy waistband and are high-rise, perfect for bloated SIBO bellies. I also bought these denim ones and while they were a little out of my comfort zone, I LOVE them! Thank goodness high-waisted and stretchy waistbands are in style!


I discovered this meal idea from Alexandra Tallulah, the name behind the In My Bowl blog, and it's my new favorite! It's so common when you have gut issues to stick with the same foods and meals you know are safe, but it's SO important to have variety, both for gut health and mental health. This lunch is a different take on tuna salad, mixed with greens, cucumber, and leftover rice. You can find the recipe in my post here.


If you're following a low FODMAP diet, you've most likely heard about Fody Foods. They make low FODMAP-friendly sauces, spice mixes, and snack foods. I'd seen them online for months, but didn't know they were available in some grocery stores until recently. Let's just say when I found them at a nearby store, I was in seventh heaven! So far, I've tried the Green Enchilada Sauce, Korean BBQ, and medium salsa. The salsa is my favorite so far! So fresh and flavorful! You can check to see if they are stocked in a store near you or you can always order online.


I have been trying to do some meditation every morning to help with stress. I'm not a very woo person, but I have found taking time to slow down and breath has helped my stress levels a lot. Recently I've been doing this healing meditation and while it is intended for an injury, it totally can apply to any ailment.

What have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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