Friday Favorites #4

Happy Friday! I’m sure for many of you, this week has included lots of crazy weather! Even here in Philly, it’s been frigid! Call me crazy, but I don’t mind the cold much. Getting cozy inside with a hot drink and a book sounds ideal, but I also love going on a brisk walk in the cold weather – there’s something so invigorating about it.

Okay, enough talk about weather. Be on the lookout for some fun things coming on the blog! I’ve been dreaming up some content that I’m so excited to share with you all! If there is anything you would like to see on the blog, let me know!

Now, onto some of my favorite things from the week. In the comments, share what you have been loving recently!


I baked these bars for our Bible study and they are so good! I didn’t have peanut butter chips, so just used extra chocolate chips.



I have had this recipe pinned forever, and finally tried it this week. OH MY, it was so good! Shiitake mushrooms add so much depth and the coconut lime rice was amazing! I will definitely be making this recipe again. The only thing I would change is to use light coconut milk instead of regular. I love whole coconut milk, but I feel like it made the rice too greasy. I like my rice to stick together a bit more.


I had the honor of being a guest on my friend, Jenn Lyons’ podcast, Finding Wellness. Jenn is also a holistic health coach and her podcast interviews people in the wellness field. I love listening to each week’s episode and was delighted to be able to share my own story on the podcast. Head on over to iTunes of her website to listen to the full episode.



Yes, this is a product for men, but I have started putting a drop or two of this oil on the ends of my wet hair and it’s made a huge difference with hydration and static. Get it for your man (it’s one of Blake’s favorite products) and use some for yourself too. It’s made of blend of plant oils including jojoba, macadamia, and sunflower, and a Sequoia Stem Cell Complex. No synthetic oils or fragrances, and quickly absorbs so my hair isn’t oily.


Now that I work from home, I’ve started sleeping in till 6:30/7 instead of getting up at 5:30 like I used to. I love getting up really early, but with the winter and busyness of life, I have been appreciating the extra sleep. I have felt sharper and more energetic since allowing my body to rest more, which is huge. Intuitive living!

Talking about rest, after a busy week of networking and mentoring my team, I am ready for a quiet weekend at home with lots of reading and Grey’s Anatomy. Have a wonderful weekend!

What have you been loving this week?

What are your weekend plans?

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