Eating When You Don’t Feel Well

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Oh boy, the last week has been rough. I came down with some stomach bug that left we feeling nauseous and exhausted (no, I’m not pregnant). Today I finally feel like I have some more energy, and it’s amazing!

I’ve written several posts about taking care of your body when your sick, because I find that when I’m sick it’s the true test of intuitive eating and living. When I lived in constant fear of gaining weight and breaking my regimen, a sick day was like any other. I’d eat what I was “supposed” to eat and exercise regardless of how I felt. I was so frustrated that my body was getting in the way of me doing what I thought I needed to do – to maintain my weight and stay healthy. Well, ironically, going against my body was more unhealthy than letting my body do what it needed to do. I’ve been sick quite a few times this year (new city, stress, being around kids, etc.), so I’ve had a lot of practice trusting my body.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek into what eating has been like the last couple days with an unsettled tummy. I’ve eaten more simple carbohydrates than veggies or fruit, all the salt, and some protein. I was frustrated of not feeling well because I wanted energy to do things I loved, not because I was afraid of gaining weight. I’m struck with how when you change your focus and purpose, your intentions change. I’ve let go of the need to control my weight, because weight isn’t what matters as much anymore. What matters is living life freely and making memories.

I share these eats, not as a point of comparison, but rather that you leave this post inspired and full of permission to listen to your body, as I am learning to do. I hope posts like this give you hope that you too can trust your body and let go of food rules.


I made a loaf of sourdough bread this weekend, so breakfast has been a couple pieces of that with salted butter and sweet jam (love salty and sweet) with a side of scrambled eggs (savory). SO satisfying and okay on the tummy.

Blake made his usual Saturday pancakes. The carbs were nice (plus salty butter), but this meal didn’t sit super well with me. Probably too much sweet for my nausea. I topped my pancakes with butter and maple syrup and ate a banana on the side.


The day I baked the sourdough, I had a slice with a fried egg, some carrots and some pear. I wasn’t feeling great that day, so I wasn’t sure if this would sit well. Well, it tasted great, so I went back for another egg and some more bread.

One day, I had a peanut butter and banana smoothie for lunch, and another day leftover Pho.


This was frustrating because I had planned out and shopped for meals for the week and then when it came to making those meals I wasn’t feeling well. We still managed ok and have ingredients to make those meals this week. One night I had eggs and white rice, another night I had eggs in a tortilla. Below are the best meals I had while sick. We have a great Pho place right around the corner, and it’s our go-to when we’re sick. I always get the chicken one. The salty broth and simple protein and carbs are perfect when you don’t feel well. By the way, this is the most green I ate over the week. Most veggies (except carrots and peas) sounded terrible, but the cilantro and green onions here were just fine.

I started feeling a bit better yesterday and was able to eat more. I was craving simple and comforting, so cooked up some white rice with butter, onions, salt , pepper, and chicken broth, an instant pot whole chicken, and frozen mixed veggies on the side. Hit the spot.


Not much for real snacks here, but I ate quite a few salty crackers over the week. Last night, I did whip up a brownie mix and we enjoyed warm, gooey brownies with ice cream while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Brownies and ice cream are one of my favorite desserts!

So that’s a wrap! I hope this gave you some freedom to trust your body when you’re not feeling well and to give yourself grace when you need to rest.


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