Daily Eats {Work From Home Day}

Hello! As I write, I’m at my my mother-in-law’s house in Wisconsin. It’s so peaceful and calm here! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve shared my daily eats and thought it’s about time. These eats come from Wednesday, which is one of the days I get to work from home on my dreams – IIN and Beautycounter. It was a good day!

Before I dive in, I want to say that these posts are not for comparison. Rather they are here to provide inspiration for your eats and give you freedom to listen to your body and enjoy good food, as I am learning to do.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing in my life! Leave a comment when you finish reading!

Monday and Tuesday were rough for me. I was feeling down and worn out, and didn’t have much motivation. These days happen, and it’s okay. Wednesday morning started off on a bright note with Blake bringing me coffee in bed. I then spent an hour doing my morning routine, took a shower and made a smoothie. Taking a shower right away in the morning makes such a difference in my mood!

I’m still on my smoothie kick and have been experimenting with combinations. I usually put some plant-based protein in the mix, but this time I switched it up with Vital Proteins Collagen. I’ve heard amazing things about collagen, and wanted to give it a try for myself to see if it actually makes a difference. In my smoothies, I’m enjoying the simplicity of flavor. In the mix this morning was 1/2 banana*, organic blueberries and raspberries*, organic spinach*, organic milk, 2 scoops Vital Proteins, scoop of sunflower seed butter, 1 TB maca powder, 1/2 TB chia seeds, and 1 date (*frozen). It didn’t look pretty, but it tasted good!

I spent the morning publishing a blog post, writing my weekly newsletter, sending out Beautycounter samples, and helping customers with orders (we have a 20% sale going on now!!). Around 10am I was struggling to focus and felt stomach hunger, so I had veggies and hummus (unpictured).

11am I headed out for my second acupuncture appointment. I started acupuncture last week for my knee, and I love it! I cannot recommend Healing Arts Philly enough! I left acupuncture feeling so relaxed and at peace (oh and my knee felt a bit better). Before driving home, I stopped by Blake’s office to drop off his lunch and swung by Whole Foods to get some things for our upcoming trip. I love going to Whole Foods for all the samples. Am I alone in this?

By the time I got home it was after 1pm, and I was hungry. I whipped up a quick salad with organic arugula, tomatoes, and cucumbers; grilled zucchini; grilled chicken; seeds; and a date. After taking the picture I mixed up a tahini dressing of tahini, water, and garlic powder. It wasn’t the most delicious salad, but it did the trick. Intuitive eating doesn’t always mean you eat the most satisfying food, sometimes it’s eating what’s available.

I have to say, I am in a lunch rut. Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day and I don’t have much creativity. Do you have any easy lunch ideas? Please share them with me!

After cleaning up the dishes and tidying up, I finished a couple hours of work on Beautycounter. It can be easy for me to work right up until 5:30 or 6, but I had errands I wanted to run and I really wanted to set a clear boundary around my work (easier said than done). I closed my laptop at 3:30, and headed out for errands. I was hungry again, so ate a spoonful of peanut butter and brought the apple to go.

I made a stop at the post office, bank, and then consignment store to drop off clothes that don’t fit. I made it home by 5:30 and got right into packing for our trip to Wisconsin in the morning. We had small group that evening, so I quickly packed and tidied up before heating up leftovers for dinner. The night before, I made pasta with turkey meatballs, marinara, and roasted squash, eggplant, and mushrooms. It was good, but could use some tweaks.

When we got home from small group, I was hungry so I had some cereal with milk. Most nights I have dessert or a snack after dinner, depending on how I’m feeling. Occasionally, I will be still be full from dinner and a snack doesn’t sound good. A little something after dinner helps me sleep better and then I don’t wake up super hungry.

That’s it for Wednesday’s eats! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Tell me: What’s your go-to lunch?


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