Daily Eats {Rest Day}

Good morning and hello Monday! I imagine that you and I are sitting over a cup of coffee reminiscing about our weekends. I hope you had a good one!

I’m back here with another round of daily eats, from last Thursday. I shared on Instagram that the life of an entrepreneur is working hard, but not too hard – well, my Thursday was the result of working hard, but a little too hard. Wednesday I was exhausted and thought I was getting sick, but I think it was pure exhaustion. My only free day to work on blogging and Beautycounter was Thursday, but I knew I needed to take a day of rest. I canceled all plans and set my intention to take care of myself.

Before I dive in, I want to say that these posts are not for comparison. Rather they are here to provide inspiration for your eats and give you freedom to listen to your body and enjoy good food, as I am learning to do.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing in my life! Leave a comment when you finish reading!

The day started slow. No alarms and no rushing. I did help get my niece up and ready and drop her off at school. On the way home, I stopped by Whole Foods on my way home from dropping her off to pick up a couple things and then Function to get some coffee. I stayed at Function for a while, enjoying my coffee before going home for a smoothie.

A nutrient-packed smoothie sounded good that morning. In the smoothie went 1/2 frozen banana, lots of organic frozen berries, organic frozen kale, Vital Proteins collagen, organic milk, big scoop of peanut butter, and a spoonful of greek yogurt. It was actually quite filling! I got cozy and ate my smoothie and drank coffee. Thursday was all about being slow and present, so I took my time.

I spent the rest of the morning working on a special project for our second wedding anniversary and then took a nap. By 1pm, I still wasn’t super hungry, so I ran out to drop off some products with a customer and then took myself to Panera Bread for lunch. I’ve been craving their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad for a while and decided today was the day to satisfy that craving. It was about 2pm when I got lunch, and again I slowly enjoyed my salad and baguette while watching people pass by. It was so good to not have any distractions.

Afterwards, I came home, made a pot of tea that we brought back from Moscow, and caught up on blogs (one of my favorite things to do) and reading (currently reading The Orphan Tale). I took a couple nap breaks in there too. It was really such a perfect afternoon. Quiet, calm, and low stress.

When Blake got home, he joined me on the couch. I kept reading while he worked on some things. I snacked on some carrots and a couple tortilla chips because I was getting hungry, but didn’t want a full snack. Around 7:30pm we made a simple dinner of scrambled eggs with fresh dill and cheddar along with frozen broccoli and sourdough toast. I had one slice with avocado and sea salt and the other with Russian honey mixed with black currant. We eat eggs for dinner at least once a week. They’re inexpensive and easy for a weeknight meal Our favorite is breakfast tacos, but we didn’t have any tortillas.

We finished off the night with watching Victoria and having some tea and Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough. Did you know Ben and Jerry’s invented cookie dough ice cream? It is the best cookie dough I’ve ever had and really the only Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I like.

A rest day was just what I needed and it showed me how I need to incorporate more of these activities in my life on a regular basis.

What is your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor? How would you spend a day of rest?


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