daily eats {merry monday}

Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoy these daily eats posts (from Monday). It’s interesting to share something so ordinary, yet I know the power of an example of a non-diet approach to eating. I thankfully had that growing up through my mother – she has always been such an example of health to me!

I never want these posts to be about comparison. Rather they are here to provide inspiration for your eats and give you freedom to listen to your body and enjoy good food, as I am learning to do. Every person has different energy and nutrition needs. No diet can tell you how to eat, you can only do that for yourself.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing in my life! Leave a comment when you finish reading!

I used to dread Monday (I know I’m not alone in this), but now that I absolutely love what I do, Mondays don’t hang over me. I’m usually excited to start fresh and dive into the goals I have for the week. Okay, I take that back, the last couple weeks I have dreaded Mondays, but that’s because I was hitting burnout. I made a decision to take a sabbath on Sundays and make no plans. This Sunday was my first time trying this, and it made my Monday so much better! So, moral of the story – when I take a day off, I’m much more prepared to take on the week and serve my clients and readers! See my thoughts in my recent instagram post. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Okay, now on to food…

My morning started per usual with a handful of granola, water, and a workout. If I do workout, I like to do it in the morning, and I switch it up depending on what my body is feeling. Sometimes it’s upper body weights, sometimes it’s pilates, and some days my body needs rest. After a shower, I settled down to read my Bible and The Miracle Morning (just started the book and so far it’s great).

Breakfast was my all-time favorite, 2 slices of homemade sourdough toast, one with avocado, Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning, and a fried egg, and one with Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter and banana. I always eat the rest of the banana with more nut butter, and of course there’s coffee on the side. We didn’t have the ingredients for this meal last week, and I missed it. The sweet/savory combo is totally hitting the spot these days.

After breakfast, I dropped my niece off at daycare, grabbed a couple groceries, and headed home for a second cup of coffee and concentrated work. I spent an hour following up with clients and responding to messages from the weekend before heading out the door for nannying. I like to walk to work if I have time so I can listen to podcasts and get some fresh air. Today was a beautiful day!

Once I got to work at 10:30, I was ready for a snack. I ate an unpictured apple and some almonds before Harper woke up. I don’t always have a morning snack, but today I was more hungry than normal.

Between playing and feeding, I ate my lunch which was leftover minestrone soup, fresh multi-grain bread (from Whole Foods), Cabot cheddar cheese, and veggies. Cheese was a necessity because I was extra-hungry that day and needed the extra fat and protein.

Once Harper was down for her nap, I worked a bit more and broke for a snack around 3pm. I’m trying to drink more tea in the afternoon instead of coffee, so I picked up some Yogi green teas at the store and love them! This Soothing Rose Hibiscus tea is so good! Paired with my favorite Perfect Bar, it was a good snack. I love Perfect Bars, and if I need a more substantial snack they hit the spot. Sometimes I eat them and I’m too full and sometimes they are just what I need. I love that I can listen to my body and know if I need a more filling snack or something simple to tide me over.

I don’t get home from nannying until 6:30, and am usually ready to eat right away. Thankfully I had done some food prep on Sunday, so dinner came together in a flash. All I had to do was heat up the chicken and veggies, and make a salad. Dinner was maple roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts and a salad of greens, apple, dried cranberries, and pecans, dressed with Brianne’s Poppyseed Dressing. The chicken and veggies were okay, but not super flavorful. It wasn’t perfect, but satisfied nonetheless.

Blake does the dinner dishes every night so I can do a bit of work and physical therapy – it’s truly a blessing. While he’s cleaned up, I finished up some Beautycounter work and typed up this post. Most nights I’ll have something sweet and peppermint tea. We have some Alden’s ice cream (my favorite) in the freezer, so I’ll have a couple scoops of that and relax a bit before bed.

What’s your go-to breakfast?


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