I have seriously been so inspired by my fellow consultants and the work that Beautycounter is doing. When I started with Beautycounter, it was a way for me to make money, and now I feel a true calling in this work as I advocate for change in the beauty industry and help women start their own businesses.

I’ve talked about being a consultant before, but I’m sure many of you have questions about what exactly I do. These are the questions I get most often, so I wanted to share my honest thoughts with you!

What does it cost? It costs $98 to sign up, which includes a personalized website, supportive “back office,” tons of stellar marketing materials, marketing they do on your behalf, personalized trainings, and some fun goodies! It’s honestly an amazing deal for the quality of what you get in return. I love classy things, and everything Beautycounter is classy! From their color schemes to product packaging, I love it all! Do I have have to sell a certain amount? You have to $1200 in qualifying volume (orders from others + your own purchases) and $250 in new customer orders every 6 months. This may sound daunting, but it is extremely doable if you consistently work your business. Ladies on my team have met these goals within a couple months of starting (and they have a lot of other things going on like being a mom, and running another business). As a mentor, I want my team to succeed and I help each team member work towards their goals! What if I don’t hit the minimums? Worst case scenario…if you don’t hit the minimums in 6 months then you will “downgraded” to a Band of Beauty Member, which still has some great perks! If you want to become a consultant again, you just have to pay the $98 enrollment fee again. I hate sales and have no idea how to do this kind of work. Guess what? I hate sales too. I worked in recruiting for 3 years and absolutely hated the sales aspect of it. The difference is that I didn’t believe in what I was selling, and I truly love Beautycounter products and their mission and work. This is how I even started thinking about being a consultant – I loved the products and was telling people about them, so why not make money while I’m at it.

I’ve never felt like a sales person as a consultant. I’m sharing what I love with the people I meet and I’m educating people about safer beauty. Before anything else, our job as consultants is to educate people about the beauty industry and the need for change. But selling products is annoying. I don’t want to be one of “those people.” Then don’t be annoying. This honestly was one of my biggest objections and fears, yet when I met other consultants and learned about Beautycounter’s mission, I saw that I didn’t have to be an annoying direct sales person. If you become a consultant just because you want to make money, you may be annoying, but if you sign up because you love the products and/or the mission, then you will be more successful. People love recommendations that are genuine. Don’t you tell your friends when you find the best coffee shop or hair stylist? Yes, you do, and they listen because it’s genuine. The perk with Beautycounter is that you make money doing it. I am so busy. I don’t have time for another thing! We are all busy – me too! It’s amazing how when we truly want something, we can make time for it. Being a consultant does not have to take hours a day. When I started, I was working 9-5 and worked my business an hour in the evening and a little over the weekend. Being a consultant isn’t easy, but it’s not complicated either. I know women from every walk of life who make it work in their lives – from full-time mothers, bloggers, business owners, students, you name it. That is the beauty of this business – you can make it work for you! Which could mean a focused hour every week or 10 hours depending on your goals. As long as you stay consistent you can fit it into the pockets or your life. Isn’t this another MLM pyramid schemes? First of all, Beautycounter not a pyramid schemes (here’s an article if you want to learn more) – those are illegal. Beautycounter is a direct-to-consumer brand that uses multiple channels to share their products. You can shop through a consultant (like me), at one of our brick and mortar stores, or online through corporate. Also, Beautycounter is a highly rated B Corporation, which is an extremely hard certification to get. Beautycounter is ranked with companies like Patagonia, Seventh Generation, and other companies that use business for good. I’m a tad obsessed with B Corporations, and love that I work for a company who is making a difference in the world.

As a mentor, I do earn a percentage of sales from those under me, but only 5-9% versus 25-35% of my own. So I’m more motivated to work my business than just ride off of my team. And, I still have to do my own work or else I’ll get downgraded. And in reality, this structure doesn’t differ much from corporate America where the CEO and leaders benefit off of their employees. As a mentor, I invest a lot into my team members through support, accountability, and what I’ve learned to be successful. Being a mentor is one of my favorite parts of this job! I love helping women pursue their dreams and grow their businesses!

How is Beautycounter different than other MLMs? I’ve never been part of another MLM, so I can’t speak from personal experience. And I wouldn't even compare it to an MLM. Because of the advocacy work that Beautycounter does and all the intention that goes into testing, sourcing, and sustainability, I would compare Beautycounter more to companies like Patagonia, Athleta, etc.

Because Beautycounter is structured similarly to an MLM, here are some things that do make it different:

  1. No auto-ship of products for customers of consultants

  2. Customers can choose how they want to shop – They can choose their consultant, or if they don’t want to shop through a consultant, they can order directly through corporate

  3. No monthly minimum purchase for consultants

I will say that while there are other companies who make safer products, I do not know of any companies that take safety as seriously as Beautycounter. And not only that, but the products actually work! I can attest that my skin and hair have never been healthier and I love how the makeup feels on my skin. Beautycounter is so much more than a cosmetic or skin care company. We make a huge variety of personal care products, and we are at the forefront of advocating for health-protective laws in the beauty industry.

I don’t use social media much. Not a problem at all! One of my friends who has been in the business a little longer hardly uses social media and has built a very successful business! It’s actually better if you don’t depend on social media because you can have real conversations and build real relationships. I do use social media because that is part of my brand, but I always take these connections to either phone calls or in-person meetings. Social media helps, but it’s not necessary. How much can I make? You get 25-35% percent off every order (the percentage increases as the total amount you sell increases). There are also opportunities to earn free or discounted products throughout the year and some incentive trips! My Beautycounter business has allowed me to work from home, start a blog, and build a business where I could one day stay at home with our children. For some people, their Beautycounter business gives them some extra money for hobbies or getting some fun things, or for others it’s allowed them to leave their full-time jobs so they can be at home with their children or travel! What are the benefits? I can’t even articulate all the benefits. I’ve grown personally (more on that later) and met the most amazing, positive women! As a consultant, you do get 25% off products and the opportunity to get free or discounted products. My husband and I LOVE the products, so this benefit is a huge perk.

So you like being a consultant?

I love it! To be honest, yes it’s been hard and there have been many times where I wanted to quit, but it wasn’t because of the company, it was because I had personal obstacles to overcome. As I mentioned before, I’ve grown so much as a person as a consultant and investing in the Beautycounter community. My confidence has grown and I am not afraid to meet new people. Also, I’ve been able to dream of doing things I never imagined I could do like starting this blog and investing in women! Before becoming a consultant, I thought I had to fit into the mold of grad school and a professional career (nothing wrong with that, it just wasn’t for me), but when I said yes to Beautycounter I finally saw how my passions could be my work!

What don’t you like about being a consultant? Honestly, the only thing I don’t like is that consultants have to pay for shipping, haha! Okay, I want to learn more. If you want to learn more about being a consultant, you can read about it on the Beautycounter website. or you can fill out this consultant interest form and I will connect with you! If you do decide to sign up, I would love to be your mentor so find me when you enroll (Katherine Herbison).

Nah, not interested. Totally fine!

I have reservations. I did too! Again, if you’re the slightest bit curious, but have reservations, fill out the form. I’d love to chat with you!

~ Katherine


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