5 Thoughts + My All-Time Favorite Beauty Product

Happy Friday! I am so thankful it’s Friday and cannot wait for our weekend plans! We’re headed to the Shore with friends from our Bible study. I love weekend trips, and am excited to get to spend more time with our friends. It won’t be warm enough for the beach, but that doesn’t matter to me. If it’s warm, maybe we’ll get out for a beach walk which is nice regardless of the weather. We’ll be gone till Saturday night and then Sunday I am co-hosting a Beautycounter + Beer event at Love City Brewing Company in Philly. If you’re here, you are more than welcome! More information can be found here.

Now onto some thoughts from the week. This week honestly started off a bit rocky. I’ve been purely exhausted the last couple weeks, and I feel like this week I hit a wall. I was so frustrated with myself, but finally I realized that my body was telling me something, and I needed to tune in. Read more about my thoughts on Instagram. This segways nicely into my first thought of the week…


I love exercise and think it has so many health benefits, however there may be times in our life that not exercising is better for us. I know that sounds shocking from a health coach, however hear me out. As I mentioned above, I’ve been so exhausted recently and I’ve noticed that the days I do more intense exercise I am completely wiped out. This is an emotionally and mentally draining time of life for me right now launching a new business and running another business, and that’s okay it’s just how things are right now. When I came to terms with this, I realized that I need to conserve the energy I do have and be more mindful of my movement. So Wednesday and Thursday this week, I chose to do no formal exercise except my PT and some short walks for fresh air. I’ve also decided that more gentle and restorative movement would be more suited for this season of life. In the past the idea of giving up intense workouts would have scared me, but as I’ve learned to trust my body I know that taking a step back won’t drastically change anything. There’s so much more to be said about this, so if you want to read more check out this post.


Where are my documentary fans at? Usually when I iron (one of my least favorite tasks), I’ll sweeten the time with a documentary, and I recently watched this one on Netflix. Put together by The Pad Project, this documentary is about the situation of women in rural India when they get their period. They either don’t have access or cannot afford sanitary products, so they have to stop going to school. The documentary follows several women who come together to work on a pad machine in their village and create a micro-economy to support themselves for the very first time. So good! Other great companies that are working to bring pads to girls in need are Cora and Lola (both brands also make non-toxic period products).


I feel like I talk about Beautycounter every week, but that’s because I genuinely LOVE their products and their mission, and because they’ve had some great deals recently. Until February 25, if you spend at least $175, you get a FREE Cleansing Balm ($80 value)! The Cleansing Balm is and ALL IN ONE product – cleanser and makeup remover – plus can be used for other purposes too. I love using it as my night-time cleanser because it removes all the gunk from my pores, leaving my skin cleansed and hydrated. It’s been a game-changer for dry winter weather!


I have found my new favorite Sunday activity…making granola for the week. I’m not a huge Sunday meal prepper, however I do like to prep a couple things like a whole chicken for dinner and lunches and a baked good for snacks. My friend Victoria baked this granola from Minimalist Baker when I visited her, and I knew I needed to make it myself. I have been eating it all week either on it’s own or with whole-milk plain yogurt. Thankfully Blake isn’t a big granola person, or I may have had to hide this from him.


I am a firm advocate of being careful of the media/social media we consume. If something makes me feel worse about myself, I either unfollow unsubscribe, and then I fill the space with content that lifts me up. With that being said, I wanted to share a couple blog posts from Immaeatthat that encouraged me this week (psa. No, I’m not pregnant, but these can speak to any woman):

  1. Why Being In A Constantly Evolving Body Is The Healthiest Option For Me.

  2. A Goodbye To My Pre-Pregnancy Body.

Those are some of my thoughts. Share yours in the comments!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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