4 Ways to Attract More Calm Into Your Life

I’ve been quiet on here recently. From traveling, then coming down with the flu my life has been turned upside down. I’ve had a lot of time to think and to be honest it’s been a challenging season. I’m not ready to share more on here yet, but if you’re the praying type, prayer would be appreciated.

It’s times like this that I don’t feel like showing up. How can I give to others when I am feeling so broken? But I am finding the courage to share right now, because even in imperfection we can bless others.

When life is challenging or we are struggling, it can be hard to give ourselves grace. Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated when you can’t do what you normally can? That’s me all the time! If I’m tired and can’t check things off my to-do list, I get so frustrated and try to work through the exhaustion. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t work.

As I’ve healed my relationship with myself and my body, I’ve learned to fight less and let my body. Recently, I’ve been in a season to bring more calm and rest into my life because my natural tendency is to strive and burn out, which isn’t how I want to live my life.

In our go-go, driven society burn-out is all to present. Maybe you have been feeling it too, and just long for some calm. Well, I thought I’d share a couple ways that have helped me slow down and welcome more calm into my life. It’s take discipline to make these part of my life, but I’m beginning to see the beautiful results of less busyness and more calm. Things like more fun, hobbies, and play, and less stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Why not give it a try?


This is one I learned from The Real Life RD as a way to help reduce stress. With email on our phones it’s so easy to check it multiple times a day. For me it’s just an automatic thing and something I do when I’m bored. What I found though, it was never productive. I would check and see if there was anything new and then leave it until I had time to answer. I’m one of those people who gets super stressed with a full inbox, which means my stress levels would go up every time I saw more emails in my inbox. Recently, I’ve been scheduling 3 times a day to check email. In those times, I respond to or address anything I can at that time and then add to my to-do list anything that will take more time. It sounds simple, but this has made a huge difference in lowering stress and adding more calm into my day.


Okay, so maybe the theme of this post is scheduling! But the truth is that if we don’t intentionally set aside time to do what we want, it won’t get done, right? Well, as silly as it may sound, I’ve been making time for creativity. My natural tendency is to always be working and checking things off my to-to list, and as an entrepreneur that’s all very easy to do. However, as an entrepreneur I also need to make time and space for new ideas, which comes through slowing down and creativity.  Up until recently, I would have said “I’m not creative,” but as I’ve read The Gifts of Imperfections, I’ve learned that there aren’t creative and non-creative people. Creativity lives in all of us until it’s expressed. Choosing to spend time being creative forces us to slow down and let go of the to-do lists. The pure act of letting go of perfection is calming, but also creative actions are life-giving. I express my creativity through playing guitar and singing, cooking, and baking. How do you express creativity?


As you all know, I started going to hot yoga a couple times a week, and it’s been incredibly life-giving. The act of being 100% in my body, paying attention to how my body feels and breathing through the poses takes me away from my normal routine. Maybe yoga isn’t your thing, but is there some type of movement that requires mindfulness? It could be rock climbing, hiking, a run, or dancing. Anything that requires you to tune in and pay attention to your body in a curious, non-judgmental way, can be very calming.


As an entrepreneur, this one can be tough because if I don’t work, I don’t make money. However, I’ve had enough burnout moments to learn that my body cannot run 24/7. I do my best to take sundays off work and spend that time doing things that I want to do like read for hours, slowing prepare food, watch a show, talk to a friend, or go exploring. Taking time off has greatly reduced my stress and welcomed more calm into my life, and I am better prepared to be present for my business.

Are you feeling worn out and stressed or lacking creativity, maybe try one or two of these tips out. If you do, let me know!

I’d love to hear from you! How have you welcomed more calm into your life?

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